The Carousel

The Carousel


There’s been a carousel revival in New York City over the last few years – venture out to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to see the magnificent Jane’s Carousel - but a carousel has been here in some form since 1871. The first three were destroyed by fire, and the current one was originally in Coney Island, designed by the famed firm Stein & Goldstein in 1908, and brought to Central Park in the '50s. Play hooky and go: a few spins around and you’ll discover the magic of childhood and the park itself.

Designer: Adrienne Wong
Process: Silkscreen, 3 colors
Dimensions: 12 in x 18 in
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Central Park serves as the apotheosis of an idyllic American childhood — a childhood of carousels and toy boats, of ice rinks and small castles, of playgrounds and bridges — and its magical allure is undeniable for child and adult alike. This series celebrates these landmarks, which over the years have transcended their original function to loom much larger than their intended purpose to become part of the collective American mythology.