“Wired” and “Cool Hunting” Holiday Gift Roundups…

The last month has been jammed fulfilling orders of our beautiful Constellation Explorer: Compass to the Northern Sky to get them processed and out the door in time for holiday gift giving.

A very special thanks to “Wired” and “Cool Hunting” (among the many others) for featuring our first edition print of the constellations of the northern hemisphere in their holiday gift guide roundups…


Wired’s December 2011 Holiday Wish List Issue included the print as a staff pick of features editor Mark Robinson. This is a scan of page 194 from the mag:




The piece was also featured online and in the iPad edition with an accompanying video piece featuring Mark talking about his fondness for the star chart…



And the editors at Cool Hunting selected the map for its 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, included among some seriously illustrious company. Here are screen shots from Cool Hunting’s site. (You might notice that “Compass to the Northern Sky” is actually included in the banner, on the far left.)



Many thanks also to Kelly Market, Honey & Fitz, Halfway Round, Krrb, Vanessa Carlton, and all our fans on Pinterest for helping get the word out about our first release!

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